Monday, 1 August 2011

Difference between Varchar and NVarchar in SQL Server.

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Hi Friends,in this post i would like to explain difference between Varchar
& NVarchar in SQL Server.

The data type Varchar and NVarchar are the sql server data types, both will used to store the string values.

Differences :

Character Data Type

Varchar - Non-Unicode Data
NVarchar - Unicode Data

2 Character Size

Varchar - 1 byte
NVarchar - 2 bytes

3 Maximum Length

- 8,000 bytes
NVarchar - 4,000 bytes

4 Storage Size

Varchar - Actual Length (in bytes)
NVarchar - 2 times Actual Length (in bytes)

* The abbreviation for Varchar is Variable Length character String.

* The abbreviation of NVarchar is uNicode Variable Length character String.

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    your Explanation was so helpful..

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    good one, simple and straight to the point

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