Saturday, 2 July 2011

Introduction to Windows Services.


Hi friends,in this post i would like to explain some basic things to know about windows services.

* A service which is under control of windows OS is called windows service.
* Windows services are used to develop automated background processes.
* Windows services contains only application logic but not GUI(Graphical User Interface).
* The controls which are not visible at runtime,can be placed in windows service projects.

For example:
Timer Control,Event log control,File system watcher control.

* To develop windows services .Net provided:
* Windows service project is avilable in VisualStudio .Net 2005 professional edition,but not available in Standard edition.
* To develop windows service .Net provided a name space:
* All the windows services will be stored at:
* While a service is starting OnStart() event will be executed & while stoping OnStop() event will be executed.

Steps for developing Windows Service:

1)Open windows service project & wrie the required logic.
2)Add the installers & build the project to get an exe file as output.
3)Open .Net command prompt & install exefile with following syntax:
installutil -i exefile path //for installing the service.
installutil -u exefile path //for uninstalling the service.
4)Start the service.

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